Adele wants helipad active

The young lady singer has appealed for helicopter-landing at her new country mansion. It would be easy for her to commute from there, according to her. Adele added that she is fed up of tackling heavy traffic and it gets even more difficult to stick to schedule. She claimed that her schedule majorly gets disturb just because of heavy traffic. She has now decided to land a chopper at her place, if the permission is granted.

“Adele’s property has so much land she thought, ‘Why not?’,” Said a magazine.

“It will cut down her journey time by some distance and it also means she won’t have to rely so heavily on cars. She is a busy woman and needs to get places with minimal disruption,” the source said.

The mansion she moved in consists of 10 bedrooms, two swimming pools, a helipad cellar, tennis courts, a games room and media Centre.