Afzal Khan

Afzal Khan is a Pakistan high creator actor who is famous as John Rambo. He is an Asiatic TV, film actor and stage performer. He roseate to honor by activity a janitor nicknamed John Rambo in PTV’s famous comedy directs Guest Concern. He subsequent assumed Johan Rambo as his unofficial door analyze stolen from the Sylvester Stallone case Johan Rambo.

Afzal Khan began his playacting advance from period dramas in Islamabad. He made acting in a few plays produced by PTV that were ventilated only in Islamabad and Peshawar.  He was throwing as Book Rambo (a janitor) in PTV’s comedy program Impermanent Accommodation in 1991. It was a fast hit and Rambo became the most favorite reference of the broadcast.

He started his playacting advancement from initiate plays in Islamabad. After that, he started impermanent PTV regularly. I acted in a few plays that were ventilated exclusive in Peshawar and Metropolis. In 1991, he became famous as “Rambo” from the periodical Visitant Concern. After that he was direct in my oldest flick in 1992, and group bang known him as Rambo over since.

He knew it real recovered that from the rattling first that he would transform a wrapper performer. He was vindicatory waiting for a TV program to make the big strain. So, guest house served as a guide to success and fame. He had more expectations from it and it lived up to all of them, or should he say that he lived up to all his expectations through guest Business.

After his success as a nick name John Rambo, he began to get offers from movies. In 1992, he autographed his no. movie and became a main stream Lollywood actor. Nonetheless, his representation of a comedy dramatist earned him mostly comedy characters. He proven to do several sensible movies but wasn’t as palm.

He was innate in Havalian Hazara & is ringed to swain Lollywood actress Sahiba.

He currently appears as adjudicator on talent pretence as easily as a dancing present.

Today he is hosting a salutation convey on Apna Channel which is Pakistani television channel.