Agatha Christie’s murder mystery flashback

Once again Agatha Christie’s murder mystery has been brought back to stage by the historical Edwardes College. The mystery is almost a century-old and now has become a tradition. The fabulous play related to murder mystery had been written in the mid-40s of 19th century. The story revolves around ten people who were involved in criminal activities but no law can broke them apart.

All the ten people were trickily invited on an island and suddenly the death row begins one by one. Total of 12 students made the audience thrilled and astonished with their motivational performances. The students were observed deeply in wisdom with the characters.

“This is not the first time I have watched a live performance. But watching students of [Peshawar] performing live on stage shocked me. I really liked it,” Shumaila, an attendee, said.

College’s acting principle; Kalimullah Khan while speaking on the occasion said that Peshawar has now got rid of from the tensed situation of past years.

“The stage performance is the expression of Khyber-Pakhtunwa youth,” he said.

Audience paid standing ovation after the performance to young students of Peshawar. They encouraged the efforts of students to bring such an amazing story before them and have made this gathering a beautiful event.

“Without [the support of] my teammates and my parents, I wouldn’t have performed the way I did,” one of the performer said.

The college director told that his brilliant students specially rehearsed the play for two whole months. Dedication of time for the play against such tight schedule is really appreciable.

“Where there is some thrill, there is a mystery for people and we tried to provide the audience a drama full of suspense,” Nasir said.