Akcent the Most Popular Band of Pakistan This Year

Akcent is a Romanian dance-pop band with the members; Adrian sina. Mihai gruia and sorin Stefan brotnei .in 2008 the band underwent a dramatic change, as Marius nedelcu leaves Akcent for a solo career. Akcent released several hits. Akcent single “kylie”has raisen to the top of several European music charts.kylie also become a moderate hit in America. Charting well on the hot dance singles sales 2009 the band releases “true believers” polish version of the album, including “happy people happy faces” and “tears “feat roller sis.

Accent has been the most discussed foreign band in Pakistan this year. Remember, they came to Karachi earlier this year and rocked the biggest city of Pakistan. Luckily karachians attend that unforgettable night. There had been many news and rumours about their another tour of Pakistan, where they had to come and perform in Lahore this time.the good news the news was not fake and the band recently performed in Lahore crowd. They also updated there face book  fanpage that has over 125,000 fans across the last 2 days Akcent has updated 3 status related to Lahore, then kick star the year 2012 as the band set to visit Pakistan once again this time they performed in capital with their smashing hits.

Their debut Romanian album in culori was released in Romania in 2002 on January 17, which had the hit single “ti-am-promis”

In 2008 adrian sina produced the new album fara lacrimi in his studio Sisterhood live Records, and the songs “Stay with me”,”lovers cry” and “that’s my name” became a big hit at the radio in Romania and al around the world like Russia, Poland, Ukraine,, turkey, Macedonia, Croatia, Greece, India, Pakistan, Lithuania, Israel, Cyprus, Malta, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Egypt and America.

In 2010 the band released “love stoned” and “my passion” is the latest single.


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