Sawan Aaye Sawan Jaye – Akhlaq Ahmed Live Song – Channel ShahanAwan2 – YouTube

AKHLAQ AMHAD is one of the best singer whose voice was god gifted. He makes the song alive and wants to hear that song again and again. Akhlaq Ahmad born in India in 1946. He was a team member of a famous singer group including maqsood rana and nadeem. Akhlaq Ahmad started his career in 1973 from the film pazib, in the start he did not get that much appreciation as he desired. In 1970s and 1980s his caret boost up.

 Akhlaq Ahmad was the third generation singers in Pakistan film industry. He struggled a lot. His songs tally is under hundred of songs. His sang songs were again sung by Indian singer soun nigam. He suffered from deadly disease blood cancer and died on 4th august 1999 in London hospital. He sand almost 117 songs in 86 movies and a part of it he also sing national songs. Akhlaq’s early music inspiration was surprising perhaps; it was then that the seeds of artistic revolution were sown. Enthusing about his superfluous singing career.akhlaq Ahmed had done full justice to each and every song he sang in his career. He was a modest singer in his life.akhlaq credited his stoicism to his loved ones .they taught him to take life as it comes. When things got tough you have to hang in there and believe that that will get better. May his soul rest in peace.