Ali Azmat’s voice to India

It has been now confirmed that the most awaited Bollywood film for year 2012 is taking versatile talent on board. Movie’s bosses have now fetched Pakistani talent for their movie. It is in news nowadays that Ali Azmat will be lending his voice for movie songs. Ali Azmat will sing two of the songs namely “Kuch Rahein Gaya Baki” and “Yeh Jism”.

Music director of the movie said that

“Randeep plays the cello in the film. So, I have used cello as the signature instrument in Ali’s songs for Randeep. I’ve penned the lyrics for the song — ‘Kuch Rahein Gaya Baki’. It has a Sufi-rock feel to it and has a world music sound. There is a thematic composition that’s like a background score with lyrics. It’s called ‘Yeh Jism’.”

As per the hard policies for Pakistani to obtain the Indian visa, Ali Azmat sung the songs for movie through Skype. Mahesh Bhatt, father of Pooja Bhatt tweeted through a social networking site

“Grateful to my friend Ali Azmat for absolutely rocking tracks for Jism 2. Visa or no visa, you prove yet again that music has no boundaries.”

Whereas Ali Azmat exclaimed his happiness saying that

“It feels good to work with friends; I’ve known Pooja and Munish Makhija for a while. And the new composer Arko Prova Mukherjee, who has penned the lyrics and composed the tunes for me, is promising.”