Ali Zafar disappointed

The reports are being erupted that Katrina Kaif has refused to sing with Ali Zafar. Earlier, it was said that 27-year-old actress will sing for Ali Zafar’s up-coming album. Ali Zafar has confirmed the rumors that project got delayed for some undisclosed reasons.

“Me and Katrina are good friends and whenever we meet we like to jam and discuss music, play the guitar. But plans to record something professionally is not in the current scheme of things. It is not happening in the near future.” said Pakistani Singer.

Ali Zafar came into Katrina’s friend circle during the shooting of film `Mere Brother Ki Dulhan`. Ali Zafar on many previous occasions had repeatedly announced that Katrina is fond of music and wanted to sing for my album.

Ali added

“I keep making music now and then but right now I am busy with films, so no album as such is in the pipeline. My last album was `Jhoom` which was more of a Sufi one. I usually take 2-3 years’ time to come out with an album.”

Ali Zafar under the supervision of new crew is working for his up-coming movie “London, Paris, New York”.