Ali Zafar outburst against Veena Malik

Controversy-child, Veena Malik made his career on the basis of controversies and it would really unfair and nobody has any right to judge the entire Pakistani community on the basis of Veena’s work. The true artists do not try such types of activities to get attention. They don’t present their homeland like this, said Ali Zafar, Pakistani actor-singer.

“You have to understand that she`s an individual and you can`t judge the entire community on the basis of one person`s behaviors. You shouldn`t even judge Pakistan through me. The whole Pakistan is not like Ali Zafar or Veena Malik,” Ali told reporters.
“And such individuals are there in very entertainment industry. In India also there are women who ride on controversies. It happens everywhere. It happens even in Hollywood,” he added.

Veena has a long career based on numerous controversies like her link with Pakistani National cricket team’s fast bowler Muhammad Asif. She was then called by the officials of Indian reality show Bigg Boss. She accepted to participate in the respective show’s season four where many controversies with Ashmit patel had raised over.  Her sudden disappearance during the shoot of Bollywood movie “Mumbai 125 kilometers” marked another controversy in her career.

Ali says he makes sure he doesn`t do anything that gives a bad name to his country.
“I pay all my taxes. I make sure all paper work is in place and streamlined. I want to work in a manner so that I stay away from controversies,” he said.

“Whatever films I do, I make sure that I don`t do scenes or say dialogues or do stuff that could hurt people back home. In my capacity, I try and keep everyone happy but that`s just me. Everybody has their own style of working,” he added.

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