Ali Zafar’s best ever birthday gift

What more could be the best gift on birthday if an actor receives invitation to Cannnes International Film Festival? Pakistani singer turned actor, Ali Zafar get shocked when he was called upon by the Cannes Film Festival organizers to be the part of their show on his birthday.

Excited Ali says, “I had initially decided to bring in my birthday at Cannes watching a lot of movies but then the plan changed and my dates to attend the film festival got pushed. I was scheduled to be there on my birthday, which is May 18, but I was in Lahore with my family.”

He responded to question about the way of celebrating his birthdays

“I bring in my birthday with a lot of music. Like this year, we had a huge singing party where lots of musicians got together and jammed for hours,” says Ali.

He was very excited before his trip to Cannes Film Festival.

“I am a very spontaneous person. I am carrying a couple of suits and tuxedos. I will probably wear one of those. I am super glad that I am going there to watch movies but unfortunately it is a very short trip and I will have to be back in three to four days,” Ali Zafar added.