All is not well between Ali Azmat & Salman Ahmad.

There are rumors about the tensions that have been created among the both singers. Ali Azmat, a prominent name in the Pakistani music industry has expressed that it’s really been hard to tolerate his ex-band mate Salman Ahmed.

Ali told “I have never had any resentment towards Junoon but its Salman Ahmad that I have a problem with.”

Although now Ali has nothing to do with band “JUNOON” that was founded by lead guitarist and songwriter Salman Ahmed back in 1990. Later on keyboardist Nusrat Hussain joined the group along with Ali Azmat, the vocalist.

He added, “I resent Salman Ahmad; I can’t stand the man and can’t take his dramas. It’s a choice of personal liking. Salman has tried to contact me but I don’t see the point, I won’t be able to tolerate a lot of things. When you’re younger, you overlook a lot of things and you don’t know much, but I’m 41 now and at this stage in time I cannot play music like that.”

it looks like that there is nothing well between them. Ali, one of the most out-spoken person, now wants no relation with Salman Ahmed. The 20th anniversary of “JUNOON” is about to come and it was expected that all band mates will show up together like the old times.

Ali concluded, “Having a 20th anniversary album for Junoon is like having a 20th wedding anniversary for parents who are divorced.”

On the other hand, Salman Ahmed has also stated some severe comments against Ali Azmat and there is no good at all between both of them. There is a bit of tension started to rise in the music industry also regarding the conflict between them but let’s hope they can settle down their issues and come up together like they were used to. People are still confident for their mutual hard work and wanted to listen some great hits again.