Amazing truth about “The Artist”

Some hidden truth about movie “The Artist” started to reveal. The Artist hit the Oscar awards stage numerous times in 2012 ceremony. It has been stated that the movie was originally shot in colors and there was no program to launch the film in black and white texture. The film’s team won 5 Oscar awards and black n white combination made the audience amazed. The 5 Oscar awards that had been given to “The Artist” fall under the category of Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (starred Jean Dujardin) and 2 others.

It has happened for the second time in the history of Oscar awards ceremonies that a film that won more than three awards. The record has been broken after a very long period of time where in 1929 the movie “Wings” scored Academy’s top prize.

“It was filmed in color because there was a chance in some markets it would be shown in color.” said the “The Artist” producer. He was then asked if the movie to be released in colored version but producer Thomas Langmann refused to do so.