Amna Shafaat,A gorgeous Pakistani Model


Amna Shafat was born on June 21, 1978 in Lahore, Pakistan. She attended Lahore Grammar School and it is a graduate of Kinnaird College, Lahore. It had been Khawar Riaz who offered her for modelling, as he first saw her in a party, but she declined the sale. Later over time ,she introspected that modelling may be the response to her, so why wouldn’t you try it out. Next there is no preventing on craft. Many came and went but she still smiles happily in ABN Amros’s commercial. Amna was lucky enough to get have snapped up such right chance in the proper time. Though she accepts that after she was initially agreed to model in Dilruba, she declined, but later once they informed her it is made and keep her in your mind she recognized the sale. She’s not seen on catwalks because she does not wants to walk on the line that others have to give you, the self made diva wants lots of options to select from. Her absence from teleplays and dramas are because of the same reason. Shafaat is better referred to as a model who declined to put on sleeveless dresses. Folks the fashion  industry predicted her career is going to be short-resided, and she or he would end up with little effort in the market, yet she is ongoing to prove them wrong. There’s no high route to success but Amna has demonstrated that fame, fortune and glory aren’t the merchandise of the billion dollar cheque rather they might require millions of dollar heart.