Anna Pavlova admitted that she wanted to do dance from her childhood

Anna Pavlova – The Dying Swan – YouTube2She was born in 1881 and known as dancing queen, her mother was a washer woman and father was a soldier matvay Pavlov. In an interview later years in 1928 she admitted that she wanted to do dance from her childhood as i could think of no future other than this ballet dancing.

In 1891 she was accepted to the Imperial School of the Maryinsky Ballet and graduated in 1899 and join another ballet school. The maryinsky management persuade her to take the opportunity to travel and conduct concert on ballet in all over the Europe in 1908.She travelled through many other countries of the world including Australia, United State and Peru. She moved to England in 1912 and stayed there on permanent basis throughout her life.

Anna Pavlova travelled a lot in later years too ,In another tour to Europe in year 1931 and involved in a train accident she saved but later on caught up by pneumonia, Doctors offered to save her life with an operation that could enable her to dance but she choose to die instead to operate.

A woman whose body was delicate and beauty enchanted million of people around the world, revolutionized and modernized ballet. She was hard worker woman who made virtue of her weaknesses and no one could believed the scrawny girl with week feet could lead to the best in the world in later years.