Another hit by Justin Beiber

Justin-Bieber-and-Selena-GomezGuess what guys Justin beiber is declared as number one celebrity searched celebrity on Google. According to the stats issued today, Justin beiber has beaten big names like Victoria beckham and got this number one position. However we can say that keeping in mind world wide popularity of Justin, it is not such a big issue.


From his cloths, to his wardrobe malfunctions, from his style to his singing, everything is talk of the town. He is no doubt one of those teens who are born with gold spoon in their mouth. Apart from his career, his affair with Selena Gomez is also hot favorite topic of the gossip mongers. Once there is a published photo of Justin and Selena showing affection publicly, the
second minute thousands and millions of Justin fans, specials girl fans start posting status updates on facebook and tweets on twitter.

These updates and tweets are all filled with hatred for Selena and threats of suicide for Justin. Well keep aside his affair we are not going to hurt Justin fans, this is actual good news for those who are searching about their star. So friends keep searching about Justin, one day you might get to launch a search engine with the name of Justin beiber!