Atif Aslam’s life secrets

Atif Aslam Pakistan’s pop singer having international fame shared his life secrets in an interview taken in Ahmadabad India. He was previously part of the JAL band but soon he separated and got fame solely. He not only sings for Pakistan but also contributes his talent in Bollywood and gives some of the top hits to their film industry and that’s how he starts his career in Bollywood. Recently, he also played the lead role in Lollywood hit movie “BOL” which is regarded as the ray of hope for Pakistani film industry.

Atif Aslam is known all over the world for his magical voice and that is the reason he is performing in various projects in Bollywood. In an interview at Ahmadabad, he reveled some top secrets of his life. He shared that

“I always wanted to become a fast bowler and I got selection as well but my parent isn’t allowed me so, I started taking part in competitions at college. My friends used to hear me somewhere so, they insist me to sing the popular song “Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumar” on stage and I did it for them. I received appreciation from many people including friends, teachers and other senior colleagues.”

Atif Aslam also told that he is very much happy with his success in Bollywood and shared his first experience of singing Bollywood song “who Lamhe Wo Yadie”. He also added that Bollywood hot actress Bipasha Basu love to listen his song and she is used to it and she listen his songs every morning. Bipasha wants Atif Aslam to sing a song for her.

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