AVATAR (James cemeron) creation

Avatar Movie New TV Spot Trailer [HD] – YouTubeAvatar screening begins in April 2007 in loss Angelis, wellington, and new eland.


The avatar broke all box office records during it releases an become the highs-grossing fill in America and Canada, surpassing titanic which held the records of previous 12 years. Avatar is nominated for nine academy awards, for best picture, best director, and #for best cinematography, best visual effects, and best art directions.


AVATAR premiered in London was on December 10 2009 and was internationally released on December 16. On December 18 released in America and Canada. It also became a first film which grosses more than $2 billion. Went on to breaking home sales records and became the top sale blue-ray of all time.


AVATAR is an American science fiction motion capture film, written a directed by JAMES CAMERON, Cameron signed with 20th century Fox to produce two sequels making avatar the first of planned trilogy. Composer JAMES HORNER scored the film his third collaboration. Horner recorded parts of score in alien language.


Starring Sam Worthington, Zoë saldana Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez, Joel David more, Giovanni Ribisi and Sigourney weaver, the film set in the mid-22 century. When humans are mining a precious mineral called Unobtanium.With a love story Jake and Neytiri.both couples com from different cultures. Director Cameron had noted the influence f the Chinese peaks on the design of floating mountains. The film represents what we know to be the part of ourselves that are trashing our world and may be condemning ourselves to grim future. It feels like to launch missiles to land on our home soil, but film is definitely not Ant-Americans.


Cameron said that he is planning to write a novel version after film released.




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