Avril lavigne-A Hollywood Pop Punk Star

Avril Lavigne a hollywood pop punk star, beautiful, attractive and no doubt have versatile and beautiful voice she has. Avril is born on September 27, 1984 and is a Canadian singer-song writer. Her birth place is Belleville, but she spends most of her youth in a small town of Napanee. When she was just 15 years old, she made her pair with Shania twain, at the age of 16 years she had signed a contract of two- albums recording contract of worth more than $2 million with Artista Records. In the year of 2002 when she was 17 years old, Lavigne came up with her debut album name ‘Let Go’.

2011 – Present: Fifth studio Album

Three months after the release of her album Goodbye Lullaby, lavigne announced that her fifth studio album had already begun, and it will be opposite to the Goodbye Lullaby.

Themes of the songs of Lavign’s music include messages of self-empowerment especially in females or an adolescent’s view. She believes her ‘songs are about being yourself and no matter what and going after your dreams, even if your dreams are crazy and even people can’t be with you and refuse to make them true.’

“I know my fans look up to me and that’s why I make my songs so personal; it’s all about things I’ve experienced and things I like or hate. I write for myself and hope that my fans like what I have to say.”

—Avril Lavigne,