This show is really a derivation from the Mani Azfar radio show, with together with its immense recognition handled to mister enough debate to get a prohibit. Show essentially begins on radio 2004 on the new radio funnel still dirty yet its test transmission, located by two new R.J’s who still need to discover the ABC’s of respectful radio hosting. The 2 who couldn’t have any better time allocated than 12 o’clock night time, a period restricted to soul searching and sweet speaking? It’s here about this larger stage that people can provide the whole nation a lesson of tolerance for variations in culture and language.

Three several weeks down the road the crowd explodes in an instant. The show got an believed million record breaking audience .Karachi’s generation not nostalgic tales about awaiting radio programs. The television was still being in the golden era in Pakistan. But radio caught its beat again at possibly its last effective fight using the TV, it had been Azfar Mani show plus some factor about this absolutely clicked on. That some factor has been clearly missing from Pakistani youth.

Up to now Azfar Mani show has jumped between 3 radio channels before finally settling right into a national television. The Azfar Mani success story is representation of the egalitarian youth culture that meets the mega polis of Pakistan like Karachi and Lahore.

This PG17 talk show utilizes tongue and oral cavity, spontaneous skits, periodic visitors, viewer’s telephone calls, emails and texts to interact with pertinent issues where the general public’s encounters are utilized to bring the problem at hands to existence.

Apart from Azfar Mani show “sub set hai” created a huge following.

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