Beach Boys are back !

It was a lovely evening at Los Angeles when the 60s pop band “The Beach Boys” get reunited. After a long pause the band has released a teaser track. It’s been two decades since the band has been seen active.

In regard to the band’s 50th anniversary tour, this is the first song of their up-coming album based on material songs.

“It’s like an accolade to the radio and what it’s meant to so many people,” vocalist and songwriter Mike Love.

“It’s our new single from our new album … if you like harmony it’s going to knock your socks off,” added Al Jardine.

It is being said that artist of original Beach Boys namely Jardine, Love and Brian Wilson have made a thrilling comeback in the field of music. The team is also planning a concert soon-to-be held.

“There’s a lot of what you’d hope to hear from Brian (Wilson) on there. It’s not a quilt or a pot luck dinner; it’s not like, ‘OK, everybody show up with your songs.’ It’s not one of those kind of albums. There’s a lot of Brian in there, and Mike (Love). It’s just nice to know there is a Mike Love and a Brian Wilson still around to write together,” Johnston said.