Beti B arrives home!

“Brought the girls home today. I hope beti B realizes the joy she has brought with her. The house is bursting with pink and proud grandparents.” Well this is the recent tweet by Abhishek Bachan, super star son and a super star husband of super star parents and a super star wife. Bachan family is one of the most respectful and celebrated families of bollywood. With Ashwariya Rai bachan they were extravagant in every aspect of life.


Beti B is the name given to the newly arrived baby girl of abhi ash. This name is given by their fans. We can surely say that beti B is one of the most famous children of south Asia. There was a fake pic circulating on media. In this pic they had shown ash holding a white angel faced baby in
her arms. The pic is now declared as fake by big B himself. So we all are now waiting for the big release of this year, bachan family come on we are dying to see official pics of beti B.