Beyoncé herself a hair-styler

The leading female singer in the industry, Beyoncé spends no money especially for her hair make-up. She revealed that cutting and making style of her own hairs is no big deal for the singer. She is also said to be one of the most changing hair styles celebrity in the industry. Beyoncé herself admitted that she loves to play fancy with her hairs. Playing with hair styles generates many new ideas that helps in music, said Beyoncé.

”I like to experiment [with my hair],” Beyoncé told People. “I love playing around with highlights or bleaching the tips. I can cut and style my own hair.”

Beyoncé cleared that she has nothing to do with her physical beauty but the inner. She also has firm believe to teach her daughter the beauty of heart.

“My biggest thing is to teach [Blue] not to focus on the aesthetic,” Beyoncé said.