Beyonce Returns to The Stage

Beyonce Knowles became a celebrated star before she was even old enough to vote. She spent her twenties selling millions of albums and releasing hit single after hit single. She has won in excess of a dozen Grammy Awards. She has also released fashion lines, starred in major Hollywood movies and made millions of dollars in the course. With almost nothing more left to achieve professionally, she finally took time off and decided to have a baby with husband Jay-Z. In January, her daughter Blue Ivy Carter was born. Beyonce almost took five months off.



This weekend, however, she made a comeback to the stage. She performed live in Altanta over the long Memorial Day weekend. She played around two dozen songs in each concert, and had thousands of fans, including Michelle, Sasha and Malia Obama, screaming every night. One thing clear is that her fans will follow her anywhere in the world. The thing to be witnessed is that whether Beyonce will be able to continue creating new content for her fans or not.


There’s nothing intrinsically about having a baby that would stop a woman from getting back on the number one spot, but given how lingering and strenuous making a record and touring can be, it’s entirely probable Beyonce chose to spend her life enjoying with her husband and baby rather than straining to continue producing number one tracks. There is no uncertainty regarding the fact that she will write more huge hits in the near future, however, it is unsure whether she will have an as illustrious career as she did in her twenties.