Bieber in action

The youth idol singer, Justin Bieber has expressed his wish to act in action films only. He wants Hollywood to cast him in action packed genre movies. It is being reported that Bieber is trying to contact actor-producer “Mark Wahlberg” presenting himself for his up-coming project “Fighter”.

Justin Bieber is now desperate to make his appearance into big screen action.                                                                                                                                       “Justin really wants to break into movies but he wants to do a project of his own. He loves action movies and is a huge fan of Mark and sees him as very much the kind of actor he wants to be, especially as Mark started out in pop,” a source said.

“Unfortunately Justin has not quite got the physique for an action movie just yet. He is working out with a personal trainer but the fitter he gets the skinnier he ends up,” it added.

Justin Bieber has come up with his new album “Boyfriend” this year which has been proved a mega-hit. The album is at number two on the Billboard Hot 100.