Bol : A Ray of Hope


After coping with our world problem of terrorism inside the most impartial, compelling and comprehensive manner within the last masterpiece Khuda Kay Liye , director Shoaib Mansoor changes focus to speaking about domestic concerns within our neighbouring countrymen, their community and, by large, the mankind in Bol .


The entire story reveals inside the flashback mode as Zainab (Humaima Malik) narrates her existence history for the media, minutes just before being sentenced to dying. Born in the conservative Muslim family, Zainab might be the earliest among six kids of Hakim saab (Manzar Zebi). The father’s mission for just about any male successor inherited is averted each time a boy arrives though effeminate traits. Since the boy Saifee (Amir Kashmiri) matures among brothers and sisters, the dad almost ignores his presence inherited.


A rock-concert number by Atif Aslam appears somewhat unnatural within this film. Even the entire media circus and bureaucratic drama surrounding Zainab’s dying sentence might have been prevented. Nonetheless, as the film might have easily began and ended as Zainab’s story, the director deliberately takes it to legislative level to create a strong statement on national level. The film ends with an epilogue, which, despite being too positive, shows a ray of hope.