Bonfire- the winter fun

with grey snow laden skies bare trees freezing cold winter seems, endless, for how long could you see settle down beside a warm fire place with a good book. It seems boring, to restart winter celebration going doors, arrange a bonfire and share the fun and relax. Invite your friends and have some barbecue sip steaming mugs, hot chocolates (or hot toddies or cappuccino) or eastern drink qehwa and sing around the bonfire in the blazes flames of fires, both you and your buddies have a great time.

Bonfire in the winter months means sitting nearest together with your buddies near the bonfire swapping your sights and lengthy conversation on different subjects, cracking jokes, planning for future, romantic and melodious everlasting soft tunes running in the background.

Bonfire in winter means watching the bright white stars and moon, watching the ice melt and sizzling around the fire tossing a snow ball around the pile of logs towards the tame the flames and experiencing the emotional rise need to be tamed in parallel boosting up the grey and boring spirit turning down because of the external chilling experiencing the difference a stuffy and dull indoor is fresh and exciting outdoor enjoying and making the snowman beside the enhancing light of bonfire in winter. Enjoying the barbecued raw meat with all its natural flavors and juices just like life in its pure most, rustic and bare form.

Such winter celebration might bid farewell to an exterior pleasure and not ending warmth feelings. Bonfire is definitely an event that can bring enjoyment with true companionships and losing away the fears, tears, loneliness, tensions and therefore offering all negativity within the cold breeze of winter.