Britney Spears Get Engaged Third Time

The 30 years old pop star has finally agreed to marry her long time boyfriend and former agent Jason trawick. She might had been married two times already, but Warrior spears only had been engaged once before – for 3 several weeks before she married Kevin Federline in 2004. Using the announcement of her engagement to her former agent Trawick, it appears like this time around; the pop star will receive a much more time for you to enjoy that component of her relationship Spears previously married with Kevin federline and her 2 sons from this marriage 6 years and 5 years. The couple got divorced in 2006. Spears also briefly wed with her childhood friend, but this marriage ended in just 55 hours. A spear is an American famous singer and sang many famous songs which are very much popular among the generation. Her new fiancé has announced that they are dating each other from long time. Now finally spears agreed on getting to put herself third time in marriage bounding. The news about her is very hot in the newspaper and everybody is thinking that is marriage will work out in future. So spear is going through fourth marriage.