Bruce become father again

Hollywood’s leading actor, Bruce Willis has become father once again. This would be his fourth kid to call Bruce the dad. Aging actor already has 3 daughters namely Rumer 23, Scout 20 and 18-year old Tallulah from his ex-wife. Now Bruce is feeling the most overjoyed vibe of his life upon the arrival of Mabel Ray Willis.

Both the mother and kid are being stated well by the doctors so far. Bruce got married with Emma Ray back in 2009.

”I’d like to have a thousand more children, or zero more children. It doesn’t matter. Emma makes me feel great.”

Bruce while announcing his son’s birth also recalled the great memories which he had spent with Emma before getting married.

He said: ”I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and this comes after a long period of being kind of lonely, even though I tried to convince myself I was enjoying my life.”

”Before I met Emma I was very pessimistic about finding that special woman with whom I would want to spend my life with.” He added

”I thought it would be difficult for someone like me, who is well known, to find a woman who didn’t have an agenda and who just wanted to be with me because they loved me, pure and simple.”