Celine Dion canceled Las Vegas concert

The Canadian singer Celine Dion has been diagnosed with the virus in her body. Due to her bad condition she had canceled the concert that was about to held in Las Vegas. The virus has disturbed her vocal chords. Infact she was not in mood to cancel the concert but the paramedical staff forced her to do so.

Doctors have strictly advised bed rest and not practice singing for a while. She looks sadden when she made the decision to step back from the concert.

She said upon media briefing

“I feel terrible about not being able to do these shows. I feel so bad for the fans. I don`t like to let people down. I really hope everyone understands how sorry I am,” the ‘Because You Loved Me’.

Doctors have reported that Celine Dion will recover herself within no time. Doctors look hopeful for the Canadian singer to get recovered before coming Saturday.