Christina Aguilera sensitive about her makeup

The American singer and actress Christina Aguilera is very sensitive about her makeup, claims her makeup artist Scott Barnes. Scott is in doubt that she is very much profound about her makeup and can never keep her looks toned down.

The actress now almost changes her make up in every media appearance. Scott has suggested Aguilera that she should have chosen more intelligent look for the show “The Voice”. At the same time, he is not much sure that for how long the change will last.

“Christina didn`t really want to change anything, but sometimes, too much of too much is definitely too much. I cut back on the bronzer and redefined her look a bit, while keeping to who she is,” Barnes.

“She has a very expensive voice and I wanted her look to reflect that. It was fun playing with her look, but at the end of the day, the girl loves her makeup,” he added.