CHRISTMASS in Pakistan

CHRISTMASS is a day which is the celebration of JESUS CRIST birth. Christmas is a civil holiday in many of the worlds nation, in Pakistan 25th of December is a public holiday, but in the memory of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. Pakistan has population over 162 million people, and 5 million are Christians living in Pakistan and they are quite poor. A large chunk of Pakistani Christians community has migrated to the west in search of jobs opportunities, better standard of living, better security, resulting in relatively smaller Christmas gatherings.

At Christmas festival  and on Easter  a big procession takes place in Lahore from St.Anothony’s church to the cathedral ,celebrated with the lots of enthusiasm, before and during advent spiritual seminars takes place to people to prepare for Christmas(Bara din).

Karachi used to be engulfed with festive spirit. Celebrating lights, Christmas trees, figurines of baby Jesus, Santa Claus, Gifts cakes, flowers and buntings remained highlight of the holiday season. Commemorating the birth of Jesus Crist for a long time. Illuminate our homes and churches and do shopping till late night.

Would go to neighbor’s doors, and sing Christmas carols, Regardless of their religious orientations. They have a church service which is packed on Christmas day called Bara day or big day. Government announces several discount packages and special services are being held in all the main churches of the country.

We celebrate Christmas with full of flavors. In the big Christian areas each house is decorated and has a star on a roof, streets, cribs and Christmas trees are also decorated. Wearing new clothes, distribute cakes in friends and relatives and go to church is the essential thing on bara din.

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