Cinema of Pakistan

The history of Pakistan film industry is a combination of with many unpleasant and unwelcomed circumstances. It started from the scratch after the subcontinent division but steadily evolved and gained self-reliance, opulence and prosperity, and then there came a time when it was shoulder to shoulder with quality films made across the border in India, competing with them in all departments of cinematography equally. However with the same old plots and stories the industry went into dark again.

The factors that contributed to the decline were the dominance of Bollywood movies. Thanks to piracy (when movies were not allowed to official screened in the country), the inception of TV, and the infiltration by non artistic financiers, and producers making films that nobody watches except a few.

From the last many years the cinema culture died in the country with cinemas shutting down all over the country or converted into shopping malls. However with cinema owners being licensed to show Indian and Hollywood movies, the culture is again coming to life. This gave a new life and morale to Pakistan film makers as well. The credit also goes the efforts of Pakistani film makers for giving us hit like Bol, Love main Gum and many others.

We hope to see more of Pakistani Film makers ruling the cinemas around the coutry in future. And also hope to rule the cinemas abroad.