Cohen unlike other husbands: Isla Fisher

 Actress Isla Fisher has said that having a husband like Sacha Baron Cohen is not an easy task in life. One cannot lead at least simple life with such type of husbands. 

The beauty of “Confessions of a Shopaholic” stated that there is not that much of difference between them and other couples yet running family businesses sometimes ends up in a big mess just because of “The Dictator” star.

“Obviously it’s not pleasant to say to your husband – instead of ‘Did you pick up the dry cleaning?’ or ‘Did you pick up someone from a play date?’ – ‘Oh wow are we getting sued? Has anyone put a death threat on us?'”

Fisher said. “I sometimes feels the need to censor the words that come out of the mouth of his controversial characters.”

On the other, the mother of two kids and Hollywood beauty claimed her husband’s work the best in the industry. She also liked her recent film “The Dictator”.
“I love it. It’s the funniest movie he’s made, I think by a long way, and it’s also really sweet. There’s a love story and I like to see him, like in ‘Hugo’, showing that side of him, creatively it’s great,” she added.