DHOOP KINAREY is one of the best dramas of the PTV; in early days PTV dramas and serials are popular and applauded for being richly divers in their plot and directions. They were also liked by Indian audiences. Due this drama the career of Rahat kazmi and marina khan boosts up a lot.

This drama is based on the teams of doctors and on their routine life in the hospital. This drama revolves around the two main characters’ dr. ahmar and dr zoya. Dr Ahmar was orphan and adopted by arshad mehood and he give him education and nice life. In this time the foster father of ahmar didn’t told him about her daughter and her granddaughter. After the death of ahmar’s foster father he came to know that his baba has named the house to her granddaughter and rest of property is ahmar’s that gives ahmar a shock. And he starts disliking that girl without knowing her. Then dr zoya Ali khan came, as intern in the dr ahmar’s hospital and she change the mundane life of the hospital. She is very cheerful doctor, at first dr ahmar didn’t like her non serious attitude, but later he starts liking her.

Now from here story begin and every character of drama did full justice to roll. This dram is romantic and brings tears to your eyes too.