Disney approved animated movie “Up” house sold to a family for $ 400,000

A house is constructed like a house showed in the popular animated movie “Up” and that house has been purchased by a family who self described as Pixar and Disney fanatics.

Lynette Hamblin and Clinton of Pentaluma, California, are purchasing the home for $ 400,000 in Herriman, Utah; Hamblins say that in California they were in the search of a house that resemble to the house which is a colorful cottage shown in the movie, then they heard about the house in the Utah a Disney approved “Up” house.

Adam Bangerter the builder of the house has said that the blueprint is entirely based on the detail shown in the movie for of the house. Overall the house is a custom designed.

The Disney approved “Up” home has a front lawn mailbox. Colorful murals inside the house and the vibrant paints on the exterior of the house give it a similar look as that in the movie “Up”.