Drama Fringe fiction science based series on Fox

As time is passing more and more people are looking forward to science fiction based movies. Now people like these ultimate fiction based stories because of its graphic presentation has gone beyond real limits. One of my favorite fiction based movie is Fringe. Fringe is actually a series which is aired on Fox broadcasting company. i have seen its three season and fourth is on air nowadays.

It is a story in which different series of scientific events are shown. Fringe is basically the department in the series which is preventing bad persons or scientists to do bad things in the world. Different concepts of medical surgery and parallel universe is shown in this. It’s a story about a doctor named Dr. Bishop whose son Peter Bishop died in this world and who go beyond the limits to get his son back from the parallel universe. After a series of event they became the major part in the department of fringe. Other character is Agent Olivia Dunham who is also shown very sharp minded girl. Her convence dr and his son to work for Fringe department. And rest of the drama is very interesting like every time you are waiting for the next episode to come and watch it quickly. It is a long entertaining source of fun. New generations like this kind of work. Love stories are now left for babies. Audience now wanted to see new innovative things and if you have such a thing in your mind you should probably watch this series. Because it worth a try.