Faisal Qureshi brought the revolutionary change

Pakistan entertainment industry is flourishing and is growing with each tick of the clock. Faisal Qureshi is one of the renowned name in Pakistan drama industry and he shine in the field of dancing, acting and now he jumped into hosting and is doing a morning show on channel TV one naming “Muskurati Morning”. This show was earlier hosted by Saher Lodhi and was taken over by Faisal Qurashi last year.

Best and revolutionary change that Faisal Qureshi brought through his morning show is to promote Pakistan in every way whether you are here in Pakistan or living abroad. This positivity and promotion of your own country is something that differentiates Muskurati morning from other morning shows. Faisal Qureshi with his co-host Ayesha Khalid has strongly forbid their co-stars from saying anything in the show other than Pakistan. In this show they have a singer naming Kashif he used to sing just Pakistani song from old to new songs.

Muskurati Morning celebrates all the important parts of Pakistani culture and also dedicated a show to all the provinces of Pakistan. Both Faisal querashi and Ayesha Khalid dedicate songs to legendry Pakistani singers, actors, directors and other leading figures. They also keep remembering birthdays and bursi’s of their colleagues and wish them and pray for them in their show.

Recently, Fiasal Qurashi with their colleagues start a program to help all those legendry actors who were shinning stars of their era but after their death no one in the industry helps their family and they are living a miserable life. This trust will help all the actors irrespective of his/her field whether they belong to stage, singing, film or TV. We wish the same in our all TV shows in this way it will be a ray of hope for our Entertainment industry.