Famous art of Pakistan

There is another indigenous form of art perform in Pakistan, which is truck art, the truck are decorated with colorful floral pattern. Depiction of heroes of Pakistan, and famous verses of different famous people or sayings by the drivers. This   is truly form of Pakistani art and done by transporters to attract the by people. This extra ordinary tradition of decorating trucks has its roots in the days of the moguls when craftsmen made glorious horse drawn carriages for the gentry. In the 1920’s century the company of koshistan hires the craftsmen from the city of Punjab and chiniot to decorate their bus to attract the passengers.


Buksh employed more workers to do this job. Ancestors of workers do this work art in mughals era. They use to decorate the palaces and temples; they use wood metal paint, linsel, and reflecting mirrors and tapes. The trucks and buses were further embellished with full lightings. Pakistani trucks art takes two form- murals or painted pictures. The flourish part is most important part on the truck, because the artistic materials, makes the art work more attractive. The most reflecting part of the vehicles are that there is no Urdu word are use for decoration, both truck drivers and truck artist use English terms. Each part of the vehicles is decorated differently with the variation depending on the regional style.


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