Father is kept out of wedding plans

74 year old Oscar winner actor and the father of Hollywood’s leading actress of Angelina Jolie, Jon Voight has not yet reveled any plans for the wedding. As the Jolie is about to tie knots with Brad Pitt, everyone is expecting to hear some arrangement news of wedding plans and functions.

“It was very nice I thought,” Voight said of hearing about the couple’s happy news in the press. “If they are happy – if they’re going to have a wedding – it’s wonderful,” said Jon Voight

“Jolie and Pitt are the parents of six kids. They’ve been that way for a while,” he added.

Even father is kept out of business from wedding plans. He confessed that I have no information about what Jolie is going to do next.

“They haven’t given me any insight into that. I can’t really trust what people say. The newspapers and magazines seem to go their own way, and so I have to get it from Angie.”

“I’ve seen her recently and we’ve had a great time,” Voight confirmed, “but we haven’t talked about that.”