Gaga in New Zealand

New Zealand’s remote area and in fact the Island is eagerly waiting for Gaga’s dive. The island is located about 2,500 kilometers from the northeast of New Zealand yet people living on it are waiting for their idol singer to come pay a visit. Spokesman of the Island, Hogan stated that all the inhabitants are ready to be rocked by Lady Gaga’s concert.

“It’s not a promise many places could make, every person coming along,” Auckland-based Hogan told.

“She’s really struck a chord with the kids on the island. She’s so unusual and she thinks outside the box. So we thought we’d think outside the box and invite her here,” he added.

It is being said that due to busy schedule of Gaga in New Zealand it would be hard for her to go at Island yet all the Islanders are in hope to see Gaga ramming the concert’s stage at Island.

“We’d reserve a whole wing for her, of course,” he said. “There’s only one flight a week from New Zealand but I presume she’d have her own jet, so she could stay as long as she liked.”