Godfather controversy

The ever best-selling novel “GODFATHER’s” writer Mario Puzo has come once again under the hearing of court. Paramount pictures has filed a petition against Mario Puzo stating that the writer wanted to block the publishing of sequel of “The GodFather” by the name of “The Family Corleone”.

The case was reported to court on February 17, 2012. Papers submitted to court appeals that Paramount pictures have already purchased the copyright from Mario Puzo and now wanted to establish a sequel. Paramount pictures doesn’t want to hurt the dignity and integrity of the best-selling novel across world and appealed court to release the permission for publication.

Many other reports have also been filed to court saying that Mario Puzo was trying to make his own version of “The Godfather” before his death in 1999 which was definitely out of law bounds because no authorization has been granted by the paramount pictures to Mario Puzo for such activity.

Readers are found in great doubt that for what copy of novel they should go for. To a large extent, “The Godfather” series remained the best-selling novel. Now it is being said that downfall for the paramount pictures has just begun because of this strange controversy.