Grammy Awards dropped out categories

It has been reported by some reliable sources that Grammy Awards has decided to minimize the awards categories on Sunday. Many of the artists and music bands felt that their efforts are being pushed back. They exclaimed that this is no good for the music industry especially in its high time. Dropping categories is nothing but to disappoint the young musicians and artists. A huge protest was observed and recorded outside the awards.

109 categories were observed in the last year’s Grammy Awards. This year it has been decided to drop categories from 109 to only 78. Many of the other dedicated categories have been merged into single category. Different categories for male and female singers have been combined into single category.

A month has been passed since the decision was made. More than 23,000 petitioners have requested to revise the decision for dropping the categories from Grammy Awards. Many of the petitioners includehigh profile like Paul Simon, Carlos Santana and Bonnie Raitt.

It has been reported that protestors will continue their objection around the Staples Center in Los Angeles while stars arrive for the event  “Not Those Awards All-Star Latin Jazz Jam.”
Bobby Matos, Latin Jazz Artist stated that

“We are holding this concert to remind music fans about all the great music that has been eliminated from the Grammys. To paraphrase what Frank Sinatra said at the first Grammy Awards in 1959, ‘Remember, the awards are about excellence, not popularity.'”