Great Hopes From Seedlings

Viewers of Pakistani cinema are anxiously waiting for the upcoming new film “Seedlings” that is expected to be released in early 2012. This is a predominately Urdu film and its Urdu title is yet to decide. People have a lot of expectations attached to it like Bol and Bhai Log. This year has proved to be a good year for Pakistani cinema and film lovers had the chance to experience different genres.

Seedlings is an initiative of the makers of Kolach; a sci-fi film. But, ‘Seedlings’ is opposite to the previous project of the team. This film is an everyday human interest story told in a unique way.

Seedlings is starring Aamina Sheikh, Mohib Mirza (real husband of Aamina Sheikh), and Goher Rasheed in the lead roles while Hira Tareen, Mehreen Rafi and Tara Mahmood are playing supporting roles. It has been directed by Mansoor Mujahid and shot by Faraz Iqbal, the same young duo who was behind the promotion video of Kolachi. The screenplay has been written by Summer Nicks is being directed by Mansoor Mujahid and produced by Meher Jaffri, Summer Nicks and Craig Peter Jones under the banner of their production house, Bodhicitta Works.

The story of the film is about a couple and the rush of emotions they experience when tragedy strikes, but this does not revolve around the issues like political corruption, terrorism, socio-economic constraints, etc. Mujahid claims that Seedlings is very real.

Bodhicitta Works has entered into the post-production stage and team is looking for local media partnerships, sponsorships and distribution channel within Pakistan.