Hamsafar,a beautiful social romantic reformer drama

“Humsafar” a hum TV drama serial based on Urdu novel, Humsafar. The meaning of a title telling a story on it self, humsafar means partners or husband wife or those one who deeply unloved in love relationship. This drama written by Farhat ishtiaq. Drama is directed by Sarmad sultan khoosat.hum TV  and producer Momina duraid,providing this drama with whole greatness, starring fawad afzal, mahira khan ,Naveen waqar, ateeqa odho, behroz subswari ,saba faisal, and hina khuaja bayat…all actors and actresses of this drama are well known and famous must say phenomenal cast!!Mahira not even has a pretty face but a good actress too. Fawad and mahira looks awesome together, so adorable.Humsafar by farhat ishtiaq, a beautiful social romantic reformer drama presenting strong bond of husband and wife relationship.

 This is all about a story of khirad who becomes a part of ashar’s life only to find the letter’s mother turning him away from her. After marriage khirat was good in mathematics Ashar motivates her to join a university. Sara is another girl who has a crush on ashar, got jealous from his wife and wants to marry with ashar.ashar’s mom(atiqa odho )made false allegation and claimed that she has had affair in university, Unwillingly khirad (mahira khan ) leaves Ashar(fawad khan)  in the way she going to give birth to his baby. But fate once more bring them together with another family member named as Hareem who is playing a crucial role in the reunion. Does she succeed in bridging the gap and getting rid of all the misunderstandings between the husband and wife ashar and khirad, uniting the two forever? All viewers watching this drama with a lots of interest on Hum TV, it so good so far.

 The ost song is a big Qurat Ul Ain balouch artistic voice.

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