Hasb-e-Hal,Most Popular Program of Duniya News

HASH-HAAL is a social satire and political program. This program is full of entertainment, its makes the audiences to watch the whole program with enthusiasm. Every moment of the show is so interesting that a person cannot stand up from his seat or bed.  This program is hosted by three people junaid Salem as an anchor. Naji also give perform as second anchor person. Third person is Azizi is the main part of the program on which the whole program, he is the person who gives funny remarks on the serious news that’s makes the audience laugh, he also revels the important news which an ordinary never knows. And in third part of the show he becomes the famous personality of Pakistan. Who was interviewed by anchor of the show? He disguises himself in such way that he looks very nice and interesting. He depicts the real face of the personality.

In this program they also discuss the social problems which an ordinary person doesn’t bother, the also discuss the negligence of government towards the people of country.  Along with the other topics they also give information about the different historical back ground of our cities.