Houston’s open casket image

Fans gone rude on the publication of their beloved singer’s open casket image. They were in shock about the image when they see Houston’s lying in the casket. National Enquirer published Whitney Houston’s open casket image on Wednesday.

It is being reported that the published picture had actually been taken from the family’s private viewing at her funeral. Fans were pressed back at the time of funeral so that no one is allowed to attend the funeral except family and media stars. The image demonstrates that Houston’s dead body is lying in a polished casket made up of bronze and opened half.

Her body was dressed with a purple color suit while ear rings were still shining and are clearly visible by the image. News were also reported that she was buried with purple suit, heavy Jewellery and slippers which have net worth of $500,000.

Many followers on social networking site claimed this act as cheap and dishonorable.

“MADD at who ever sold Whitney Houston’s pic of her in a casket,” star Evelyn Lozada tweeted.

“Whoever sold the photo of Whitney Houston in her coffin to the National Enquirer is a vile, twisted, evil and unscrupulous sub-human,” a Whitney Houston Fan posted on twitter.”

While the famous celebrity blogger Perez Hilton posted on personal website “tasteless, insensitive, morbid thing to do”

Similar photograph of Elvis lying in his coffin was also published by The National Enquirer in 1977.