HSY (Hassan Sheharyaar yasin)

Hsy(Hassan sheharyaar yasin) is the name who counts in one of the best dress designer of Pakistan fashion world. Hsy is a established name, who has very generous, creative, talented and humble man by his nature successfully running his outlets in whole world. He has approximately 14 clothing display centers world wide, currently with 350 employees, his display centers are based 6 in Pakistan ,two in U.S.A ,four in U.K and four in U.A.E .The brand inspiration is distinctly Pakistani and middle eastern kind of with western touch. In 2007 Hassan launched his jewelry line also he worked as choreographer a designer both Pakistani and international shows. Dubai London Toronto and new york approximately he worked all over the world.
HSY studio, a South Asian fashion label has started by HASSAN in 2000  but started his career as a fashion choreographer in 1994. In 2003 ,Karachi based diva magazine placed Yasin on the cover of ”Most Powerful People” and also named him one of their 10 faces of the year .Primarily a bridal and a formal wear house which marked his name to flagship studio house to Lahore. He has also launched his studio at highly fashionable district of Zamzama in Karachi. His philosophy is to make timeless elegant clothes,they don’t make actually trendy wears.


Last three years are very important for his career. He worked with Breeze, Stoneage and even with Nirala sweets. Just recently ‘’The LAHORE FASHION WEEK 2011”has been the big success and it is understood that he has a big brain behind it ,PFDC SUNSILK FASHION week proved also a great success in a city like Lahore. But in fact he is more than a label.It is no wonder that HSY collections have taken the world by storm’s gives it a definite edge and enhance the fashion of Pakistan.