Huge loss for Hollywood Industry

After having an extensive and prosperous career in Hollywood film industry, Ben Gazzara met his eternal fate at the age of 81. It was stated by his attorney on Friday that the cause of his death is said to be pancreatic cancer. His last viewed scene was Manhattan hospital.

Ben Gazzara had one of the most prolonged careers among the Hollywood actors in the industry. He provided irreplaceable services for 60 years as an actor. He starred in more than 100 films. He also worked for numerous TV serials like “Husbands,” “The Killing of a Chinese Bookie” and “Opening Night.” For his tremendous work in “Hysterical Blindness.” (HBO drama), he received Emmy Award as supporting actor back in 2002.

Gazzara left behind three wives, Louise Erickson (1951–1957); divorced, Janice Rule(1961–1979); divorced, Elke Krivat (1982–present).