Hugo- best Hollywood movie of 2011

National Board of Revenue has taken a decision to give an award of best Hollywood Film “Hugo”, it is Martin Scorses’s first 3D drama about an orphan boy in 1930’s, Paris. This film was awarded by the National Board of Reviews as the best film of 2011 and is also give a named as the “Scorsese best director”, from the movie “Christopher Plummer” is awarded as the best supporting actor by the National Board of reviews. He played an elder man role in this movie that is coming out of the closet in “Beginners”, and the best supporting actress awards has been awarded to Shailene Woodley for “The decendants” it is the story of a man who is trying to get to her daughter when his has been passed away in an accident.

“Hugo” is the first children film of “Martin Scorses”, the story of this movie has been taken from a novel “Then Invention of the Hugo Cabret” of the writer Brian Selznick, it is a children tale movie. It has very beautiful themes that are simple and universal, like human wish to visit or belong to that place. See life’s aims and feelings loved, it is not a horribly complex and is a very beautiful movie and story as well.