Hum Do Hamara Show- Mani and Hira

Mani and Hira both a popular couple host a popular show on Hum TV program Hum 2 Hamara Show. A show gets its success in a short period of time. Here is the short introduction of both of the hosts of the show.

Mani, the real name is Salman Saqib started his career as a junior anchor and interviwer before turning into a comedy actor. His father was also an artist but Mani interested in sports more than becoming an artist. His initial interest in industry starts when he wrote scripts for Boom Boom Bastic the program initialize on PTV. After a while on some day when he worked as a programme designer of the show, and a conductors of the segment was missing after that mani was asked to fill in which marked his entry into screen first time. His famous programs on Hum TV are Hum do Hamara Show and on Aag TV are also on Air.

Hira married to Mani in 2005, they have one son currently. Following her marriage, she also followed into her husband’s footstep and get entry into television. She gains more attraction of her viewers after co-hosted with Mani on Hum TV. In the program they share their personal experiences and their personal and professional life.