Ibrahim Nafees passes away

Another lamp of entertainment industry has dimmed to an end. Pakistani entertainer Ibrahim Nafees has died today in Karachi.

Ibrahim Nafees after migrating from India in 1947 started his career from Radio Pakistan, Hyderabad. He was consistently facing decline in health and in connection of that he lost his vision couple of years ago.

He has not only served the Pakistan’s stage theater but also performed in Lollywood movies and TV plays. He was casted in more than 300 stage shows and starred in more than 250 films. He was among few certified actors of world from United Kingdom.

The duo of Ibrahim Nafees and Waheed Murad was once the most discussed couple in filming industry. Especially the movie “Heera Aur Pathar” had laddered them to the heights of fame. Among many TV serieals, “Aik Haqeeat So Afsanay” and “Afshan” are the most remarkable plays of his career.